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OBOVO Websites is a nomad digital marketing agency led by the digital creator Nicole Jacqueline Obovo Valentin Emore Frederiksen. Working closely with small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, OBOVO Websites helps accelerate businesses through a successful online presence. Discover how we can help you transform the way your business performs in the digital world.


What We Do



Our approach to Web Design will give your business that extra adrenaline shot it needs. Whether we’re asked to start from scratch or act as advisors to your creative vision — we’ll work together to achieve the best possible results based on your brand DNA, your unique selling proposition and a personalized sales funnel to generate leads.



Great websites and words that sell always go together! 

Based on the story branding method, we will prepare your personal brandscript with clarified key messages so that your customers listen. Insert more....



Our specialized SEO plan takes into account everything from popular to short and long tail keywords so you can achieve both short term and long term results with your keyword optimization. Multilingual website? No problem. We will make sure everything is optimized based on all your website's language options.



Our five step marketing plan consists of the following: One liner, brandscript, website, lead magnet and email marketing. This is a sure-footed way to support your lead generation and create ultimate brand awareness for your business. Whether you want to implement more marketing initiatives yourself or with our assistance, we are here to accommodate your digital marketing strategy.

"50% of small business owners still don't

have a website..."

In 2019, businesses without a website say they “do not need one.” They dismiss the need for a website because they find it time consuming, costly and lack the technical ingenuity to create an online universe where their business can thrive.


With OBOVO Websites, we create professional, fully built websites focusing on:

  • User needs and industry standards

  • Visual communication and usability

  • Storybranding based on your brand DNA

  • Sales funnels and clarified call to actions

  • A specialized SEO plan to make you worthy of ranking

  • A 5-step plan for your marketing strategy

Our mission is to bring originality and innovation to small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Everyone deserves a fair chance to become successful online. No matter if you are already an established business or an entrepreneur with a great business idea.

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